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DOC Medical Center
DOC Medical Center

DOC Medical Center

Tel. 44317766,
27 Al Kinana St, Doha


- 20% Discount on Consultations for all 
Musculoskeletal specialties - Orthopedics, Rheumatology, 
Interna! Medicine, Neurology and Neurosurqerv
- 20% discount on Physical Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Clinical Pilates and Cryotherapy
- 20% Discount on Chiropractor and Osteopathvy
- 20% Discount on Dental Services only in Al Sadd
- 20% Discount on Surgeries and Treatments
- 20% Discount on Diagnostic Services
- 20% Discount on Packages including Weil Man, Weil Woman and Home Visit
- 20% Discount on Hijama (Cupping)