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F45 Training West Bay
F45 Training West Bay

F45 Training West Bay

Tel. 70689175,
Maysaloun Street, Onaiza 63 2nd floor Wyndham Doha, Doha


60% off morning sessions
Drop in sessions @ 40 QAR per session (original price of drop in @ 100 QAR).
Alternatively: 10 class package @ 400 QAR valid for 1 month

QU will receive a 20% discount on any of our memberships when purchased within the
allocated time period specified below; these memberships include: 1 month, 10 class pack, 20
class pack. Time period 1/2/2021-1/4/2021

Questions can be mailed to:

Please direct the email as follow:

Subject: QU (membership option) - Attention Studio Manager
Please include your mobile number for a follow up phone call